Master your expenses from the get-go

Take control of your start-up’s spending

Take control of your spending

Whether you have a workforce or its just you, Velos makes business spending easy. With fully automated software, you can track all expenditure from one account. Track your spending, ease your cash flow and let your start-up function error-free with every single transaction.

Scale up with your start-up

It’s easy to scale your expenses as your business grows. As you add more employees or offices, our software covers any extra demand. Expenses data and receipts are captured in real-time, cutting down on errors and automating your accounting. Whether you have 10, 20 or 100 employees, we’ve got you covered.

Go digital

Integrate your Velos Card with your accounting system to be in complete control. This way you can export your data to your finance team and generate reports as and when you need to. Go digital, go paperless and do away with time wasted on unnecessary administration.

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