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Company spending is made easy with our business expense card

Pay securely with the Velos business expense card

Velos cards work through the Mastercard® network, meaning they can be used at the vast majority of stores, restaurants, hotels, airlines and car rental agencies, as well as online vendors. The Velos card comes with a range of security features, such as SMS transaction alerts, One-Time Passcodes to authorise online transactions and mandatory PIN entry for every fifth contactless transaction.

Transactions are logged instantly

Whenever an employee makes a purchase with their Velos card, it will be logged instantly in the Velos Expense platform. If further validation is required, employees can record additional transaction details by scanning receipts with their camera in the Velos Expense app. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) extracts the data and automatically populates recognised fields, such as purchase date, total amount and VAT amount.

Out-of-pocket expenses

If your employees make a purchase with cash or a card that is not provided by Velos, they can easily log the transaction using the Velos Expense app. After scanning the receipt with their camera, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) will automatically populate the fields required to log an expense. So, whether you spend with a Velos card or an alternative payment method, each and every transaction can be logged in seconds.

Review company spending as it happens

The Velos Expense platform lets you oversee every business expense in one place, all from our mobile app or browser-based portal.

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