Streamlined expense management

Save time and money with automated expenses

Save time on admin

With a Velos Card, there’s no need to manage hundreds of receipts or petty cash, as everything is tracked online with an easy-to-use interface. Employees can spend what they need to, wherever they are and you can issue hassle-free reimbursements as and when.

Automated expense reporting

With receipts and transactions captured in real-time, your business’ budget is more accurate than ever before. Report expenses based on data fed directly to your account, with extra information requests sent straight to your employees for clarification.

Switch to smart spending

With a Velos Card, your business can manage all your invoice payments on one platform. Set spending limits per employee and block cards in the event of fraud or theft. Cut the tedium of manual data management, saving endless hours over the course of weeks, months and years.

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