Seamless integration makes month-end easy

Velos integrates with more than 20 accounting and ERP software providers

Integration with your accounting or ERP system

Velos has seamless integration with more than 20 accounting and ERP software providers, including QuickBooks, Xero, Sage and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Track employee transactions in real-time. Then export your expenses to your system of choice as individual lines, reports or store receipts as attachments. 

Your data is synchronised in real-time

Thanks to our innovative APIs, the Velos Expense platform synchronises with your accounting software. This means that all relevant employee and accounting data is transferred in real-time, enabling you to automate your entire accounts payable process and make month-end a breeze.

The smarter way to manage your business expenses

From simplified spending with our business expense card, to effortless approval and integration with the Velos Expense platform, our solutions empower your business.

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