The smarter way to manage your business expenses

Introducing Velos from Radius

Why choose Velos?

Simplified spending

Our business expense card empowers your employees to make in-store or online purchases. And with our mobile app, the need for workers to fill out forms and hold on to crumpled receipts is eradicated. They can submit their expenses in seconds by simply scanning receipts with their camera.

Effortless approval

The Velos Expense platform lets you oversee every business expense in one place, all from our mobile app or browser-based portal. You can review spending as it happens and easily approve expenses, either manually or by creating rules that automate authorisation. What’s more, you can easily export your expenses data to your accounting system to make for easy month–end reconciliation.

Seamless integration

The Velos Expense platform seamlessly integrates with more than 20 accounting and ERP software providers, including Quickbooks, Xero, Sage and Microsoft Dynamics 365. This enables you to export your expenses to your accounting or ERP system as individual lines or as reports, as well as storing receipts as attachments.

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