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How it works?

Why choose Velos?

All in one place

If you have other products or services with Radius, such as fuel cards or vehicle tracking devices, you can manage them alongside your Velos card(s) in Radius Velocity. As well as being able to adjust limits and cancel or block cards, you can also set SMS transaction alerts for them, so you know who is spending, how much, and where.

Accepted everywhere

Velos cards work through the Mastercard® network, meaning they can be used at the vast majority of stores, restaurants, hotels, airlines, and car rental agencies. What’s more, Velos cards are accepted at all fuel stations across the UK, enabling you to fill up outside your fuel card network. No card is accepted in more places and by more merchants.

Flexible spending

You choose which spend categories and credit limits are available to your Velos cardholders, stopping any unwanted surprises at the card machine or on your invoices. Our cards can also be used for online purchases and cash withdrawals, so whatever you and your business need to pay for, we’ve got you covered.

Benefits of our online account management

  • Manage cards

    Order new cards or cancel lost, stolen, or redundant cards.

  • Instant reports

    Instant reporting tools for all of your spend and usage data.

  • Set up alerts

    Create SMS transaction alerts that take place in real-time.

  • Manage Groups

    Set up groups to easily track expenditure across teams and cost centres.

  • View invoices

    View a full breakdown of both Velos and fuel card transactions.

  • Visit Radius Compare

    Access exclusive offers from all of our divisions on one website.

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