Contactless payment


Speedy, simple and secure payments with contactless

The Velos Corporate Charge Mastercard® now comes with contactless technology, meaning you can pay for items of up to £30 in a matter of seconds.

Speedy: just place your card onto the card reader and wait for the green light

Simple: no need to worry about remembering your PIN

Secure: contactless payments are processed in the same way as chip and PIN

Contactless details

About contactless technology

Whether you want to pay for fuel, tolls, business expenses or anything up to the value £30, contactless technology is a speedy, simple and secure way to do it. No need to enter your card PIN, simply place your Velos card over the contactless reader, wait for the light to go green and the payment is made.

  • Available wherever you see the Contactless Indicator
  • Pay for purchases of up to £30 in seconds without entering your PIN
  • No need for your Velos card to leave your hand when making a payment
  • You can decide whether to pay with contactless or Chip and PIN

Using your contactless Velos Mastercard®

Any retailer who displays the Contactless Indicator can accept contactless payments. There are many retailers which already accept contactless payments and the list is growing.

You must use your new contactless card with your PIN at least once then follow the steps below to start making contactless payments:

  1. When paying for purchases of up to £30, look for the Contactless Indicator
  2. Touch the reader with your contactless card
  3. Confirm successful payment when you see the green light and hear the beep
  4. The reader will confirm that your payment is approved

We recommend that you remove your Velos Card from your wallet or purse when touching the reader to make sure you are using the right card. Don’t worry, if you do happen present two cards at the reader by mistake, only one payment will be taken as the card readers can only make one transaction at a time.

The Contactless Indicator mark, consisting of four graduating arcs, is a trademark owned by and used with permission of EMVCo, LLC.


Safety is important to us

Making payments without entering any security details or a PIN may raise some concerns. We’d like to reassure you just how safe and secure contactless payments actually are:


Contactless payments use the latest secure encryption technology (the same as Chip and PIN) so you feel confident when using it. It only works when a card is close to the card reader, making it near impossible for any details to be captured while in use. For extra protection, at times you may have to enter your PIN during a contactless transaction just to make sure it is you using the card. To ensure new cards cannot be intercepted and used fraudulently, you will need to complete a Chip and PIN or ATM transaction.

Paying with contactless

  • You will have a record of all your purchases on your invoice, you will also be able to view these via the app
  • You will also receive text alerts for all transactions made using your Velos card(s) (if you are the fleet manager or card holder)
  • Contactless card readers can only process one transaction at a time; each transaction must be complete or void before another can take place
  • You cannot make a purchase as you walk past a reader because the retailer must have entered the amount for you to approve first, and then your card has to be held within a few centimetres of the reader for longer than half a second

Lost or stolen cards

If your card is lost or stolen, you’re protected provided you let us know as soon as you realise your card is lost or stolen and you have taken the proper precautions to keep your card and security details safe, as defined in our terms and conditions.

If your card is lost or stolen or you think that the personal security details or card number have be misused you must tell us as soon as possible. This can be done either using your Velocity account (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or by calling 0344 8802468 (lines are open Monday to Friday 8:30-17:00).

The new Payment Services Regulations 2017 (also known as PSD2) aim to promote innovation, competition and improved security and reliability. These come into effect from January 13th 2018.

What will these changes mean for you?

A key change makes it possible for you to authorise a regulated third party payment service provider to access your account information.

How can you make use of these new facilities?

You can only grant a third party access to the account information you can view. You need to register for online access to be able to request authorisation of a third party.

In order to request third party account access you must call Card Services, who will be able to assist with your request.

Any third parties you wish to authorise must appear in the European Banking Authority's register of regulated payment service providers.

It is important to emphasise that you must not share your login ID and password with anyone. This important security condition is part of the card agreement we have with you.

You can revoke the authorisation given to a third party for account access by contacting Card Services.

Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. The Card is issued by PayrNet pursuant to license by Mastercard International Inc. PayrNet is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to conduct electronic money service activities under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (Ref: 900594).

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